sábado, 19 de maio de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Maya hairstyle (ACESS Event)
Dress: KITJA - Ciara Dress
Heels: _CandyDoll_ Lexy Heels (KINKY Event)
Pose: entangled poses - Hermione

Flowers: LB_Daisy{Field}
Basket w/ flowers: Green Hydrangea in Diamond Basket  by also Known as (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Lamps: tarte. hanging light B (COLLABOR88 Event)
Swing: tarte. tire swing (COLLABOR88 Event)
Blanket: tarte. boho blanket (COLLABOR88 Event)
Planner: .peaches. Mon Desir Planner - Group Gift

quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Grande hairstyle
Skin: amara beauty - Adria CATWA (POCKET GACHA)
Eyeshadow: amara beauty - Adria Eyeshadow CATWA (POCKET GACHA)
Eyes: LOTUS. Serenity Eyes
Lipstick: IDTTY Faces - Divine Lipstick (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Earring: Cae :: Aurora :: Earring (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Choker: .Z Choker Dreamcatcher (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Necklace: Cae :: Aurora :: Necklace (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Top: SPIRIT - Jimi Top (COLLABOR88 Event)
Pants: SPIRIT - Jimi Pants (COLLABOR88 Event)
Heels: _CandyDoll_ Lacosty Heels (N21 Event)
Pose: BellePoses - Bella (ANYBODY Event)

Chair: .: Kiwibo :. Vega Chair [PG] - Black (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Mirror: Refuge - Fairytale Mirror Gold
Sculpture: (luc) Angelfish Sculpture, Gold (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Library: KraftWork James Joyce Library (complete)
Chandelier: Tuesdays Ball Chandelier - Pewter (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Table w/ rug: Astralia - Straight to the cake (dining table) (ROMP Event)
*Astralia table: there are two versions included in the pack, one for the dinner and one with adult animations.

quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2018


Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Amira> (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Hairbase: Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 02 (APPLIQUÉ Event)
Rings: *elise* - Jewelry - Truth BENTO rings
Tattoo: .:AuricA:. Tella & Terra Tattoo  (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Bikini: Birdy - Festival - Kini - White (GACHA)
Feet rings and ankles: Astralia - Summer Heat feet rings and ankles (FAMESHED Event)

sábado, 5 de maio de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Cardi hairstyle (EQUAL10 Event)
Top: _CandyDoll_ Hedy Top (COLLABOR88 Event)
Jumper: _CandyDoll_ Hedy Overall (COLLABOR88 Event)
Boots: _CandyDoll_ Hedy Boots (COLLABOR88 Event)
Pose: PM . Kaidyn (LIMIT8 Event)

Cactus: tarte. cactus marquee (UBER Event)
Shelf: tarte. industrial shelf (light) B (UBER Event)
Glass votive: Riley Glass Votive (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Rug: Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  6 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Table: Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha 2 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Sofa: Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  5 RARE (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Frame: Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha 4 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Grande hairstyle
Freckles: VYC  Femme - The Natural Freckles Vol.2 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Face chain: iS Lyyn Face Chain (COSMOPOLITAN Event) 
Earring: amias - LAURE Earring (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Necklace: amias - LAURE Necklace (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Ring: amias - LAURE Ring (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Tattoo: Buddha - Black Tattoo [CAROL G] (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Corset: Elegance Boutique -Corset - FATPACK  -  "Niha" (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Heels: G&D Shoes Hera (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Pose: Amitie Poses - On Board (COSMOPOLITAN Event)

Lamp: Refuge - Mystic Lantern
Table: Raindale - Allington patio table with lights (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Chair: Raindale - Allington patio chair 1 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Tea Tray: MI Selvi Tea Tray CastIron Decor (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Easel & stool: Easel & Stool CHEZ MOI (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Painting material: Painting Material CHEZ MOI (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Floating roses: Persefona Floating Roses 1 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)

segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2018


Astralia - Strike (skybox) RARE (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (Bowling) RARE (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (wall menu) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (bar) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (hot dog machine) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (drinks dispenser) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (candies dispenser) VIP REWARD (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (snack) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (table menu) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (bowling neon) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (table) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (Table chair) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (decorative neon) EXCLUSIVE PRIZE (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (simple bench) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (bench with table) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Astralia - Strike (rental desk) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)


Hair: DOUX - Lia hairstyle (KINKY Event)
Skin: amara beauty - Anita CATWA
Eyes: LOTUS. Florecent Eyes
Nails: {ZOZ} Ombre Day Polish (3pk) (COSMPOLITAN Event)
Rings: *elise* - Serena - BENTO
Top: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Rose Top - Maitreya (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Panties: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Rose Panties - Maitreya (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Socks: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Rose Socks - Maitreya (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Pose: PM . Milla (LIMIT8 Event)

Skybox: _CandyDoll_ RARE - Dolly Room (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Mannequim 1: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Simple (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Mannequim 2: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Flowers (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Bed: _CandyDoll_ RARE - Dolly Queen Bed (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Suitcase: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Suitcase (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Rug: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Round Rose Rug (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Lamp: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Lamp (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Frame w/ butterflies: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Butterfly Frame (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Desk w/ chair: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Desk (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
PC: _CandyDoll_ Doll PC (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Snacks: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Yummy Plate (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Mannequim 3: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Dressed (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Pillows: _CandyDoll_ Dolly Floor Pillow (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)

quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Ramona hairstyle (TRES CHIC Event)
Dress: _CandyDoll_ Mya Dress
Boots: _CandyDoll_ Mya Boots
Pose: BellePoses - Gaia (LOST & FOUND Event)

Skybox: Astralia - Strike (skybox) RARE (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Neon: Astralia - Strike (decorative neon) EXCLUSIVE PRIZE (EPIPHANY Event)
Stool: Astralia - Strike (Stool) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Bar: Astralia - Strike (bar) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Snack: Astralia - Strike (snack) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Hot dog machine: Astralia - Strike (hot dog machine) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Wall menu: Astralia - Strike (wall menu) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Table: Astralia - Strike (table) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)
Chair: Astralia - Strike (Table chair) (GACHA) (EPIPHANY Event)

domingo, 22 de abril de 2018


Skin: Atelier Pepe - Nani - Pixie - 02 (GACHA) (THE EPIPHANY Event)
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Slit Eyebrows - set 01 (COSMETIC FAIR)
Eyes: LOTUS. Duality Eyes
Top: SPIRIT - Lucy Top (KUSTOM9 Event)
Pants: SPIRIT - Lucy Pants (KUSTOM9 Event)
Pose: BellePoses - Sofia (THE CHAPTER FOUR Event)
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Trapped

quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2018


Flower crown: Astralia - Primavera Crown (BLOOM Event)
Hair: DOUX - Heidi hairstyle (EQUAL10 Event)
Skin: amara beauty - Jessa CATWA (THE SEASONS STORY Event)
Eyes: LOTUS. Gaze Eyes (BLOOM Event)
Eyeshadow & lipstick: Just Magnetized - Insta Beauty - set 06 (POWDER PACK Catwa February)
Choker: ChicModa // Plastic Candy Necklace (THE DOLLHOUSE Event)
Top: adorsy - Erika Top Fatpack - Maitreya (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Short: adorsy - Erika Shorts Fatpack - Maitreya (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Pose: RM - Pose Set 62 (COSMOPOLITAN Event)

Poterry set: also Known as - Silk road pottery set Gold (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Table: Emma Wicker Table CHEZ MOI (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Lounger: Emma Wicker Lounger CHEZ MOI (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Bucket: Refuge - Wish Bucket Pink/Gold
Swing: .peaches. Sweet Spring Swing
Flowers: LB_Daisy{Field}
Gazebo: MI Lisa Gazebo (COSMOPOLITAN Event)

domingo, 15 de abril de 2018


Hair: DOUX - Madison hairstyle
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows set 11 for CATWA
Eyeshadow & Lipstick: Just Magnetized - Insta Beauty - set 06 (POWDER PACK Catwa February)
Eyes: A R T E - Reborn Eyes (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Tattoo: Lust - Black Tattoo [CAROL G] (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Top: _CandyDoll_ Alexa Top
Pants: ChicModa / Varsity Sweats / (COSMOPOLITAN Event)
Heels: _CandyDoll_ Gina Heels
Pose: PM . Mayra (THE DOLLHOUSE Event)

Tapestry: Refuge - Magic Tapestry
Ottoman: Sequel - Honey Ottoman - Black (COSMOPOLITAN Event)